CBCT Scans in Greenwood Village


What is a CBCT?

A Dental cone beam computer tomography, also known as a Cone beam CT, or CBCT is a type of X-Ray machine. It provides dentists with an interactive 3D image of the patient’s mouth unlike a traditional X-Ray machine. It’s a type of CT machine, but was developed with dentists, orthodontics, and oral surgeons in mind. Therefore, it’s better suited for oral health than a CT that you would find in a hospital.

As mentioned, the CBCT is optimized for oral use. It gets its name from the shape of the Xray beam. It’s in the shape of a cone (unlike a traditional CT that has a fan shaped beam) and it rotates around the patient to produce images.

It produces hundreds of 3D images during a single rotation. The cone shape allows for the incorporation of the entire field of vision.

How is a CBCT Performed?

You will stand or sit next to the CBCT and the X-ray beam will sweep around your head. This results in several hundred accurate 3D images. This process is extremely fast. A full mouth scan takes less than 10 seconds! The software on the CBCT will then reconstruct those images into multiplanar views.

What Does the CBCT Show?

One of the most valuable things about a CBCT is that it combines multiple Xray measurements into “slices”. This allows dentists to see cross sections of the head and neck. And they can view any layer they wish. It’s very interactive which helps the dentist with treatment planning. Of course, it’s also useful for you as you will be able to see exactly what needs attention and why.

The images are high quality and allow us to see the exact shape of bone and teeth. As a result, it allows for a high level of accuracy that you can’t get with a traditional Xray.

CBCT vs Traditional X-ray

  • More detailed images
  • Interactive where the dentist can view many different layers
  • Even though the radiation is slightly higher than a traditional Xray, total radiation is lower due to not needing as many scans (Since so much is scanned at one time it eliminates the need for additional exposures)
  • Allows for more precise treatment planning

CBCT Benefits vs Traditional CT

  • Images are just as accurate, but there is less radiation therefore it’s safer
  • Less expensive
  • More convenient as you don’t have to go to the hospital

What do we use the CBCT to View?

  • Infections in teeth
  • Sinuses
  • Airway space for sleep studies
  • Place implants so know where the best bone is
  • Teeth that we can’t see on a regular X-ray

How to Prepare for a CBCT Scan

  • Remove hearing aids
  • Remove glasses
  • Takeoff all metal jewelry
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Let know if pregnant

CBCT Appointments for Other Clinicians in Greenwood Village and the DTC

Although we typically use our CBCT for our patients, we welcome referrals from other providers in Greenwood Village and the surrounding area. If you are a provider or a patient in Greenwood Village that would like to refer a patient for us to scan using our CBCT please contact us at 303-930-8828.

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