Greenwood Village Full Mouth Reconstruction

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Also, known as full mouth rehabilitation. As the name implies, full mouth reconstruction involves rebuilding and/or replacing all the teeth in your mouth. This will improve not only the aesthetics, but also help with function and overall oral health. Full mouth reconstruction can involve many different types of procedures. For example, they can restore missing teeth or restore the length of worn-down teeth to bring back a youthful smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

The process starts with a consultation in our Greenwood Villge office. During this step Dr. Cha will scan your mouth as well as taking X-rays to get a clear picture of your teeth, gums, and bone. She will then have a conversation about how we can achieve your goals as well as ensure terrific oral health.

The next step is presenting your treatment plan. During this step we will do a wax up, which involves creating a wax mockup of your mouth showing you what your smile will look like after treatment.

After the treatment plan is accepted the treatment will start. This process can take anywhere from about one month to a year depending on several factors. For example, if clear aligners are needed your will be in the clear aligners for approximately a year. After the teeth are straightened with clear aligners then the remainder of the procedures can start. It may take about a month for the rest of the procedures to be completed after the clear aligners are complete.

What Procedures can be Involved with a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

  • Invisalign: May be needed to properly position teeth prior to starting other procedures
  • Dental Implants: Used to replace missing teeth and to place crowns or bridges
  • Veneers: Used for a variety of reasons such as whitening, reshaping and closing gaps of teeth
  • Crowns and bridges: Cover natural teeth that were decayed or missing/extracted teeth
  • Whitening: Brighten existing natural teeth
  • Fillings: Remove decay from existing natural teeth
  • Bone grafting: Sometimes needed to have enough bone structure for dental implants
  • Periodontal surgery: Maintaining gums with procedures such as gum lifts and gum additions

Why Choose Mint Dental Studio for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Cha is a skilled dentist that has achieved high quality results from anything from fillings to complex periodontal surgery. We will be sure to give you a more attractive and healthier smile that you will be proud of.

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