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itero scanner

What is an iTero Intraoral Scanner?

In dentistry it’s often necessary to map out patients’ teeth and gum tissue. This allows the dentist to diagnose issues as well as create products such as crowns or bridges.

The iTero scanner uses visible light to create a 3D diagram of the mouth. It’s extremely fast and has many benefits for you.

What is the Traditional Method of Mapping out Teeth?

The traditional method of creating a diagram of a mouth uses impressions. This method uses a set of trays with a liquid plaster product. It’s placed in the mouth and you must keep it in there several minutes until it hardens up. It can be messy and is not pleasing. After the molds are complete it’s then sent to the lab as opposed to being able to see the results immediately.

Benefits of the iTero Scanner

  • No gooey mess associated with traditional impression material
  • You can breathe and swallow as they normally would while the scan is being completed.
  • No unpleasant taste
  • The scan is faster than traditional impressions.
  • The digital scan allows us to instantly use the 3D model as opposed to having to have a lab process it.
  • Extremely accurate and is more precise than impressions
  • If we suspect somebody has wear on their teeth, we can save the image. During the next appointment we can take another scan. We then layer the images and we can see the changes. This is extremely valuable as patients can see with their own eyes that they have wear. It allows us to treat conditions before it becomes a big problem

Is the iTero Safe?

The iTero is extremely safe and uses no radiation. To capture the images, it uses mirrors that reflect the images to a camera.

What is the iTero Scan Process?


Use a wand of the scanner to capture images of your tooth and gum tissue. As the patient, you can view the progress in real time on the computer screen.

3D Model

After the scan is complete, the 3D model of your mouth is displayed on the computer screen. You can get a clear view of what your mouth looks like and Dr. Cha will use this for treatment planning.

File Upload

After the file is complete, we will upload the 3D file to the appropriate place so your device can be created. For example, for crowns and bridges we will upload the file to our CEREC machine and for a clear aligner we will send it to either Invisalign or Sure Smile.

Scanning on the iTero vs. CEREC

Both the iTero and CEREC serve a specific purpose. The CEREC is primarily for restorative procedures. The iTero is less complex and primarily used for procedures such as Invisalign.

What do we use the iTero for?

  • New patients to understand their mouths
  • Clear aligners
  • Implants

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